The best WiFi tools for Android

Keep an eye on your WiFi connection’s status, manage it, check who’s connected, your Internet speed and many other functions with the best WiFi tools to analyze your entire network straight from your Android phone

AndroDumpper 3.11 English

App to audit the security of WiFi networks

WPS Connect 1.3.9 English

Connect to your wifi network without passwords

WPSApp 1.6.69 English
WPSApp 1.6.69

App to audit the security of your WiFi network

NetCut 3.5.4 English
NetCut 1.7.9

Detect intruders on your WiFi networks

NetHunter 2.0 English

Efficient pen-testing application for Android

WiFi Magic 5.9.11 English
WiFi Magic 5.9.11

Locate and reach public wifi networks

zANTI 3.19 English
zANTI 3.19

Application to check your network's security

v2rayNG 1.8.22 English
v2rayNG 1.8.22

V2Ray Open Source Client

Reaver 1.30 English
Reaver 1.30

App to audit WiFi networks

DroidSheep 15 English

Control the traffic on devices connected to a WiFi

WiFiKill 2.3.2 English
WiFiKill 2.3.2

Control the web traffic of the devices connected to your network

WIBR+ 1.5.5 English
WIBR+ 1.5.5

Access WiFi network through brute force attacks

cSploit 1.6.6 English
cSploit 1.6.6

The most advanced security kit for Android

Hackode 1.1 English
Hackode 1.1

All the tools necessary to test Android

Bcmon 1.0 English
Bcmon 1.0

Break into WiFi networks and monitor their traffic

Andrax v5R English
Andrax v5R

Ethical penetration test platform

The WiFi Hacker 1.7 English

Pretend to break into WiFi networks on Android

WiFi Map 7.5.5 English
WiFi Map 7.5.5

Complete Wi-Fi hotspot map

Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.3 English
Wifi Unlocker 2.0 1.1.3

Application to decrypt Wi-Fi keys

dSploit 1.0.31b English
dSploit 1.0.31b

Monitor and control your WiFi network

Network Spoofer 2.4.0 English

Play pranks and change browsing on other devices connected to your network

WIFI WPS WPA TESTER 5.3786 English

A tool for testing WiFi network security

Instabridge 22.2024.05.21.1241 English
Instabridge 22.2024.05.21.1241

Application to find public WiFi networks in your city

Hijacker 1.5 English

Check the security of your network with this pentesting app

WiFi AR 5.8.8 English
WiFi AR 5.8.8

Wifi signals in augmented reality

Password WiFi 4.1.2 English

Recover your WiFi password if you forget it

Global WiFi Password 3.10.3 English

Scan nearby wifi hotspots and connect to them

Network Mapper 1.7 English

Audit the security of your own network

WiFi Key Recovery 0.0.8 English

App to recover your WiFi keys

DroidSniff 1.0 English

An app for stealing user credentials

Mi Wi-Fi 5.9.7 English
Mi Wi-Fi 5.9.7

Control your Xiaomi router from your cell phone any time, anywhere

Nessus 1.0.1 English
Nessus 1.0.1

Scan vulnerabilities with your Android

NetShare 2.12 English
NetShare 2.12

Share your data with other devices using your Android

Sharkreader 0.1.5-f English
Sharkreader 0.1.5-f

The app to open PCAP files

Mac2WepKey HHG5XX 15 English
Mac2WepKey HHG5XX 15

Discover how to audit Wi-Fi from Android

WiFi Master Key 5.4.19 English

Share WiFi with everyone

Wifi Analyzer 3.11.2 English

Scan nearby Wi-Fi networks with your Android

WiFi Repeater 1.1.4 English

Turn a phone into a WiFi repeater

WPS Wifi Checker Pro 36.0 English

Check the security of your WiFi networks

WiFi Password Recovery 2.6.8 English

Recover your Wi-Fi network passwords

IP Tools 8.26 English
IP Tools 8.26

Improve the internet connection on your Android device

WIFI-PASSWORD 10.6.0 English

Store the passwords of the networks you are connected to

WiFi Direct + 9.0.29 English

Connect two devices via WiFi

5GHz WiFi Tester 1.19.0605 English
5GHz WiFi Tester 1.19.0605

Check compatibility with 5 GHz band WiFi networks

Osmino Wi-Fi 7.10.14-20220726 English
Osmino Wi-Fi 7.10.14-20220726

Search for nearby wifi networks for Android devices

Swift WiFi English
Swift WiFi

Manage WiFi networks

NetMonster 3.0.4 English
NetMonster 3.0.4

Information about nearby mobile phone networks

FoxFi 2.20 English
FoxFi 2.20

Create a WiFi hotspot on your Android and share the Internet

Wifi You 1.9.6 English
Wifi You 1.9.6

Checks and manage available WiFi networks

WiFi Search 3.2 English

Search and find nearby public Wi-Fi networks

WiFi Warden 3.5.4 English

Application to analyze the security of WiFi networks

WiFi Prioritizer 2.0.8 English

Establish the connection order of your favorite networks

WiFi Manager 4.3.0-228 English
WiFi Manager 4.3.0-228

A Wi-Fi network manager for Android

Show Wifi Password 1.2.5 English

Tools to improve your Wi-Fi network

WLANAudit 3.1 English

Detect Wi-Fi networks within your reach and generate the default keys

ClockworkMod Tether English

Access the Internet with your PC using your Android's data connection

SSLStrip 1.0.1 English
SSLStrip 1.0.1

App to decipher the HTTPS traffic from a network

WiFi Finder 1.1.4 English

Find free WiFi

WiFi Fly 1.0.9 English
WiFi Fly 1.0.9

Connect to Wi-Fi networks and to a VPN

Permanent WiFi 40.0.1 English

Get a better connection to wifi networks

Wifi Helper 1.0.8 English

A helper for connecting to free wifi networks

Who's on my WiFi 24.7.0 English

Who is connected to my WiFi?

TP-Link Tether 4.4.19 English

Control your wireless networks

Free WiFi 218 English

Find free WiFi networks

NetSpot 3.1.150 English
NetSpot 3.1.150

Scan your home or office to create the best possible coverage for your wifi network

FAST Speed Test 1.0.8 English

Check the speed of your Internet connection

PdaNet 5.22.1 English
PdaNet 5.22.1

Share your Android connection with other devices

Network Utilities 1.17 English

All the info about your Internet connection in a single app

G-NetTrack 17.6 English

Network monitoring and logging with a cellular phone

nPerf 2.11.3 English
nPerf 2.11.3

A speed test for your mobile internet connection

Internet Speed Meter 1.5.9 English

Control your Android connection speed

Wifi Connecter Library 2.0.3 English

Audit your network security

ReveLA WIFI 1.4.1 English

Reveal Wi-Fi passwords

VREM WiFi Analyzer 3.1.2 English

Scan all the wifi networks around you

USB Tethering 3.4.33 English

Share your Android's internet connection via USB

Google Wifi jetstream-BV10180_RC0009 English
Google Wifi jetstream-BV10180_RC0009

Control your WiFi network from your phone

Waple 1.3.5 English
Waple 1.3.5

Connect to a Wifi network whenever possible

WiFi Heatmap 5.11.1 English
WiFi Heatmap 5.11.1

A wifi network analysis tool

Linksys 3.5.1 English
Linksys 3.5.1

Set up and check the status of your router connection

WiFiman 2.2.0 English
WiFiman 2.2.0

Are they stealing my wifi?

Fing 5.1.0 English
Fing 12.6.1

App to analyze WiFi networks

Netmonitor 1.12.2 English
Netmonitor 1.12.2

Create maps of mobile communication antennas

TownWifi 7.9.0 English
TownWifi 7.9.0

Connect to a public wifi network automatically

WifiMapper 1.6.2 English
WifiMapper 1.6.2

Find free WiFi networks all over the world

WiFi Eyes 1.0.6 English
WiFi Eyes 1.0.6

Measure the speed of your internet connection

Fritz!App WLAN 2.12.5 English

Closely monitor and check the status of your wifi network

ASUS Router English
ASUS Router

Access your router from your smartphone

Share Mobile Internet 2.22 English

Share your smartphone data with other devices

Oi WiFi 4.9.1 English
Oi WiFi 4.9.1

Access the Oi Wi-Fi network

OpenSignal 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test 7.37.3-1 English

Find free WiFi networks and check their speed

Virgin Media Connect 12.34.10 English

Find free WiFi hotspots around the world

WiFi Tethering 2.2.8 English

Share your Android's Internet connection

GeekNet 1.1.2 English
GeekNet 1.1.2

Free wifi network locator with built-in VPN

osmino 1.8.04 English
osmino 1.8.04

Turn your Android into a wifi access point

EasyTether 1.1.19 English
EasyTether 1.1.19

Share your smartphone connection with other devices

3G Watchdog 0.44.4 English
3G Watchdog 0.44.4

Keep track of your data consumption with your Android

Meteor 2.39.0-1 English
Meteor 2.39.0-1

Test your Internet connection speed

Avast Wi-Fi Finder 2.3.1 English

Find WiFi networks and connect safely

Open Garden 2.8.8 English

Share your Internet connection any other device